Payment policies


A range of packages is offered at pre-determined prices to cover the most frequently performed procedures. Packages include nursing care, room and meal charges and treatment normally associated with the procedure, as stated within the package. They do not include doctors' fees.


Additional notes on Maternity Packages

The maternity package commences on the day your baby is born. If you are admitted for a normal vaginal delivery there is no additional room charge for the delivery suite the night before your baby is born (the use of a separate patient room will incur charges). If you are admitted for an induction of labour there is a specific package rate for this which includes accommodation. For multiple pregnancies 40% of the package charge is added for each additional baby.


Doctors’ Fees

All doctors are private practitioners practising independently of the hospital and its administration. Doctors’ fees may vary from one doctor to another and they usually charge according to your room category. This pricing structure is common in Hong Kong and does not affect the level of care provided to you. It is in your best interest to discuss the expected charges with your doctors ahead of time. The hospital only collects doctors’ fees on their behalf.


Important Payment Information

A deposit is required upon admission. A minimum of HK$20,000 or 50% of the estimate total charges, whichever is higher. The hospital reserves its right to take 100% deposit in advance of admission. If you are entitled to any special rates you must inform us on admission to avoid billing errors.

Emergency surgery will take priority over elective surgery. Therefore, we cannot guarantee exact operating time.

If the preferred type of room is unavailable at the time of admission, you will be given other room type options to choose from and the published rate for the available chosen room catagory will apply. Once a package has commenced, it cannot be down graded. However, if upgraded, the entire package will be charged at the higher rate. There is no refund on the package for early discharge. There is no charge for the day of departure if checkout is before 11:30am.

All accounts must be settled before discharge or payment arrangement guaranteed by insurance companies. The hospital accepts payment by EPS, credit card (Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, China Union Pay) or cash in Hong Kong dollars. If you are hospitalized for more than one week you will be billed on a weekly basis.

A late pharmacy order may lead to delay in billing for discharge.

Please inform the nurse at least two hour prior to your planned discharge to ensure the bill is complete and prevent billing delays. If discharged out of office hours you will be required to sign a blank credit card voucher. Our staff will contact you with the amount before charging to the card. Detailed itemized hospital charges are available at the Client Account Department, to receive a copy please send a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Should you require a copy of your medical notes, a fee will be charged and 5 working days is required to process from the day payment is received.

Whilst changes in price are not expected, amendments maybe made without prior notice, therefore it is advisable to check the package price and contents before admission. 

Extra Charges

Additional services:

    • extra laboratory or imaging tests, procedures, treatment, cross matching and medication beyond those included in the package or related to pre-existing conditions
    • emergency services beyond the routine procedures or packages extending beyond scheduled time
    • miscellaneous items such as extra refreshments, IDD telephone calls etc are not included in the package
  • Specific for Maternity:

    • stand by charges for operating theatres (for unsocial hours &external cephalic version) should your doctor request
    • Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU), phototherapy, special procedures such as External Cephalic Version and circumcision
    • special monitoring of mother or baby, treatment, medication, use of equipments, tests and nursing procedures
    • emergency services or surgery other than emergency caesarean section

Unsocial hours:

  • surgery or procedures commencing outside of regular operating theatre hours (08.00h to 21.00h, Mondays to Saturdays), on public holidays or during typhoon number 8 or higher. The rate will be charged at 1.5 times the normal package rate
  • tests and procedures undertaken during unsocial hours (as these vary between departments please contact us for detailed information)


Direct billing by your appointed insurance company to the hospital can only be arranged if an agreement between the two parties is in place. Please contact the patient service centre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check if such an arrangement is available.

For planned admissions, your insurance company will issue a letter of guarantee. You can check if it has been received by the hospital by contacting the patient service centre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please clarify the extent of your coverage directly with your insurance company PRIOR to admission, as it may affect your choice of room category. This information may be obtained from your employer, broker or insurer, via their website, or other contact methods printed on the back of membership cards.

Please also note that under a co-payment plan you will be responsible for any deductibles or charges outside of the coverage.

In case of emergency admissions, you will need to notify your insurance company during the hospital stay. The insurance company will contact the hospital regarding your coverage. Please note that insurance claims will not be handled once you have been discharged.

If you are unable to present the necessary documentation as required by the insurance company and the hospital, you will be fully responsible for the payment and be required to pay a deposit. If the documentation is still not available on discharge from the hospital, you will be required to settle the hospital expenses in full, and contact your insurer for reimbursement.

The hospital reserves the right to refuse an insurance card or documentation as method of payment.